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Cooking up the Dream that Delivers a Smile

If you didn’t already know it… no, I’m not a poet… but I do enjoy cooking! I can plant it in the kitchen for hours hanging out cooking, even better with good company, but am perfectly content here just hanging with my hero (that would be the J-man… nope, and I’m NOT talking about Jay-Z!!)

I love to make some of my old-time favorites, Steak Diane is definitely near the top of the list, have been known to overdo the brandy flambé a bit, sending flames to the ceiling… this is one of the fabulous recipes that I learned at the Gainesville Hilton, back in the Prime Rib Room days (the stories are endless from that place!)

I also enjoy new recipes, the stranger the better, last week it was low-fat cottage cheese pancakes, they were yummo! Epicurious has plenty of superb recipes, and a great iPhone app (but of course!) to boot.

Cooking just seems to be one of the most enjoyable ways for me to relax, unwind from a busy day, or share an experience with good company. I could go on and on here… I’m daydreaming just thinking about this as I write… isn’t that great! Maybe you share my passion for cooking, or maybe it’s something else that really floats your boat, please do share with us whatever it is that you’re passionate about… and make sure to spend time doing it, with passion, and for His glory… and if you like to eat fun food, see flambé to the ceiling, and enjoy intriguing conversation, send me a shout, and let’s hang out (I really am a poet, and now I’m gonna show it!!) heeheehee…



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  1. March 7, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    got a suggestion to add the recipes for the food that I talk about, I’ve added above, thanks for the advice Jennifer W. !!

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