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A divine adventure really is unfolding!!

Andy Andrews’ books are relatively new to me… six months ago I had never heard of him when my friend David Keough mentioned his books and I started checking them out at the library.  The first one I picked up was The Traveler’s Gift, and it was as if God himself handed it to me, one of those “perfect books at just the perfect time.”

It’ s funny how things unfold according to God’s plan.  Those moments of “I really don’t understand why this is happening to me,” unfold into “EUREKA!!! – Thank you Lord!!!” – I’ve learned to take it all in stride and keep living happily in the moment, learning from the past but not holding onto it, and embracing every moment of this awesome time here on the planet Earth.

The Traveler’s Gift is about the 7 decisions that determine personal success but written in a time traveler’s perspective. The time-traveler guy, David Ponder, goes from being at the top to desperation, like in a snap, and is introduced to THE 7 decisions that can turn a life around, no matter how impossible the situation may seem. Along the way our friend gets to meet and receives wisdom from Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, Anne Frank and Harry Truman. I loved this book because Andy takes a serious subject and makes it entertaining.

Since reading The Traveler’s Gift, I’ve been making my way through Andy’s collection, steadily enjoying them one-by-one. Thank you God for working through David Keough to introduce me to Andy Andrews, I’m forever grateful!

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