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The Elusive Buried Treasure…

Think back to one of those “ahhh haaa moments”… when you continually stumbled on the same stepping stone in life, eluded by THE ONE THING that you wanted or thought you needed most… when all of a sudden the lights came on and you declared – “GADZOOKS!!! – I’ve finally figured it out.” Or, maybe it still is eluding you to this day…

Whatever “IT” is for you, and IT’S a little different for each of us, figuring it out is transforming.

We have no clue why this “IT” has eluded us for so very long but all of a sudden, when we figure it out, it becomes crystal clear. It’s like finding your buried treasure. To give you a great example, lots of folks will tell you when you’re single that love will find you when you’re not looking for it. Or, here’s another popular one, that I may not enjoy my work but I’m making A TON of money, so one day I’ll have this big huge pile of money and be really wealthy so I can retire and enjoy myself.

Hmmmm, well, here’s what I’m thinkin’…

To me, finding your IT is all about FOCUS, and FAITH… if “it” is eluding me, my focus is simply in the wrong place. So if I’m looking around for IT, whether “it’s” money, happiness, my soulmate, a job, more time to do what I enjoy, or whatever, and if my focus on IT is out of perspective, then I simply need to adjust my perspective, and have FAITH, being content in any and all circumstances. I know, easier said than done sometimes…  but remember… “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” -Matthew  6:19-21.

I think that part of the wisdom here too is that if we are content with the simple things in life, our blessings are given more freely and the walk is much more enjoyable. And, the bottom line is that whatever it is that eludes us, what we’re really seeking most is HAPPINESS, and that true joy, peace and happiness only comes from Him. So just focus on Him, and not IT, and you’ll be happy!!

Please share your thoughts on IT, finding IT, figuring IT out, or what IT is for you…

  1. Deanna
    March 14, 2010 at 9:00 am

    Thanks for reminding us what IT is all about! Good job on the RR!

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