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A Few of My Favorite Things…

I’m running the Gate River Run tomorrow, a 15k race, and trying to decide what I can’t live without during this race… here’s my list:

  • some jammin’ tunes: I’ve loaded up my tiny iPod Shuffle with 90 minutes of the stuff I love to listen to really loud (YES YES YES, I SAY, I have hearing issues!!)
  • Carbs!! I’m getting my body ready… Loading my skinny-ness tonight with a good dose of carbs (in addition to loving to cook I also enjoy indulging in what I make).
  • Gu: this is new to me… I stopped at the Jacksonville Running Company store the other day after FOOD across the street at the Thai place, and stocked up on Gu for the race. I have no clue what Gu tastes like yet but am thinkin’ it will be macho to guzzle Gu while rippin’ up the road in my NEW New Balance ROCKETS!!
  • Hydration: I’m peeing A LOT… because I’m drinking a lot of water to hydrate. FYI – peeing is not one of my favorite things but I thought I should mention it here (I’ll spare you the visual media 🙂 )
  • A lucky rubberband, OF COURSE!! These don’t weigh a lot, are flexible, and if I get in a jam I’m thinkin’ I can do something MacGyver-ish with it (plus I just LOVE rubberbands)…
  • Enough clothes to keep me from being arrested, and to pin my necessary number on me.
  • I can do all things through Him who gives me strength… yep, I’m taking Him with me too…

Ok, so, what are your favorite things?

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