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Got a lot going on here… here’s The Word…

… on The Blog… I’ve received some very helpful insight on how this blog thing is going, and decided to try to take it to the next level, I’m finding already that it needs a few fresh coats of paint. At the same time, I wrote a comment to a post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, a guest post by John Saddington. John developed the Standard Theme for WordPress and was giving away 10 free copies to folks that replied to the post and let him know why they wanted a copy, and yours truly won one!! So I’m working double time (in my spare time when not being a Geologist), trying to keep up with writing as the Spirit moves me to, and working on getting the new and improved blog up to speed.

… and The Word (Category Spotlight)… one of the comments that I fielded about the blog is that it’s hard to find what I’m looking for. My blog, like many of them, discusses a few different subjects. They’re basically the things that I’m passionate about. So I decided to write a NEW SERIES of posts about the categories, or subjects, that I’ll be writing about. So here’s the first subject that I wanted to touch on: God’s Word, which is NOT going to be a category!! Why not? Well, I’m planning to make this a central theme of all the categories (Yahoo!!!).

stick with me here for a few more days, I’m planning to have the new blog up by Happy Monday Morning.

As always, your thoughts and encouragement are appreciated….

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